Terms & Conditions

When booking and after you click “Accept Terms and Conditions” you accept and agree to the following:

1. To behave in a Christian manner during the tour.

2. You understand and accept that we need to store the personal details that you have supplied for the purpose of giving you access to the tour at the selected date and time.

3. That we can cancel any tour at any time, and receiving a confirmation email is no guarantee that a tour will take place.

4. You will not record the tour in any way, or take photographs or screenshots of the tour whilst it is being presented.

5. You understand that any notes you take during the tour are for your personal research purposes only, and you will not distribute copies of any such notes you have taken to any other person, or post them on any social media platform.

6) You will not stream this tour through any 3rd party software like Microsoft Teams, YouTube or Google Meet etc.


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